Chocolate Private Labeling / White Label

Since our factory is located in Ecuador we have access to many cacao varieties and we can offer exceptional and unique natural chocolate flavours. In our labs, we can develop specific recipes in order to create one of a kind products


  • GMP : Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GFSI: Soon we will obtain the ISO certificacion for foods FSSC 2000
  • Biodynamic: We started in july 2018 to work on this certification.


  • Single Origin Chocolate: We can source cacao from very specific regions in order to get very unique natural flavours
  • Conventional Natural Chocolate: Using fine aroma cacao that is not organic certified
  • We produce dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with inclusions


We can help you to design your labeling and develop unique recipes
We sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your recipes


Formats: We can work with 125g, 60g bars, 10 g bonbons and 6g discs.
The disc format provides many advantages:
– Brand New product.
– Discs are individually packed (easy to share).
– Can be packed in neat high-end envelope styled box or in a 4-pack (economic line)
– In the envelope styled box we can include up to four different flavours.
– Bean to bar (the new trend in chocolate).
– Made with Ecuadorian Fine Aroma cacao.
– The thin disc format lets you taste the chocolate and the fruit at the same time. It creates a perfect balance.
– A one of a kind new product for today’s chocolate market.


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