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Why Ecuadorian Cacao?

Ecuador was the first exporter of the world in the 19th and part of the 20th century and currently it is one of the top exporters. This long history helped the farmers to have a huge variety of cocoa plantations that are influenced by the temperature (under 0C to 40C), altitude (0m to 6300m),  microclimates ( rain forest, wetlands, tropical woods, dry forests,etc..) exotic flowers  and the tropical fruits that grow next to the cocoa plants.  The environment has a tremendous influence on the aroma and flavour of cocoa beans. The  so called “Arriba” (nacional) cocoa beans have a fine flavour and intense fine aroma that varies in every region.

We look to create products that feel unique and special. We have and are still  investing  a lot of time of research to find cocoa beans that can provide uncommon delightful flavours and aromas. We have traveled all over Ecuador in search of the best beans. Many “Arriba” cocoa beans are amazing but after testing over 70 varieties we have narrowed our findings down to 12.

Ecuadorian cocoa beans have been used for decades to produce the best chocolate in North America and Europe.

Our Mission is clear, we aim to be a strong contender within the chocolate industry providing our customers with full commitment and quality ensuring that they receive only the best.

You can expect to see our products at all levels in the market place,the time and effort that goes into perfecting our recipes will prove that we are very serious when it comes to producing chocolate.

We will give our customers a sense of belonging by establishing long term relationships with our clients and business partners, effectively understanding our customers needs and requirements giving maximum satisfaction in each approach we make.


  • Cacao beans from different varieties yield very different chocolate.
  • Surprisingly, cacao beans of the same variety have very different flavours. The reason is that cacao trees are influenced by the type of soil and the fruits and floral aromas that surround them.
  • Every region produces a unique taste which is known as Single origin chocolate.
  • Ecuadorian Fine Aroma Cacao “Arriba” is worldwide recognized by its quality for producing NATURALLY the best aroma and flavours.
  • Big Chocolate factories are obliged to add chemical flavourings or to use chemical processes like the alkalization of cocoa beans in order to standardize the different flavours of cocoa beans from around the world. Unfortunately Alkalinization kills many antioxidants and flavonoids that are beneficial.
  • Bean to bar is the new trend in the chocolate market.
  • AOG Foods has direct access to cacao producers.
  • We can develop our products naturally by choosing the best cacao from the different regions of Ecuador.
  • On this occasion in order to create these 6 brand new products, we have conducted a series of tests with more than 60 different types of cacao beans in 200 different recipes.

|We hope you enjoy this journey of flavours and aromas and experience a unique concept in every single AOG Foods’ chocolate.