AOG Foods – Quality Chocolates & Supplements

Company Policy

AOG Foods is a company committed to the production and marketing of cocoa-based products, nationally and internationally, and to maintaining food safety through the development and implementation of the Food Safety Management System. AOG Foods focuses on continuous improvement, ongoing staff training, compliance with legal requirements and those mutually agreed upon with clients through the identification, evaluation, control of risks, opportunities, planning of objectives, goals and food safety programs. AOG Foods is committed to ensuring food safety by:

1. Determine and control compliance with the objectives of the SGIA and the responsibilities that correspond to each instance, guaranteeing periodic reviews.
2. Assign the human, technical and economic resources necessary to develop, implement and maintain the SGIA.
3. Communicate internally and externally the regulations of the management system to all parties involved within the business.
4. Implement and maintain biosafety protocols in order to reduce the risk of contagion of diseases that affect public health.
5. Establish a food safety culture transversally in the organization in order to strengthen the FSMS.