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Premium Chocolate "Fine Aroma Cacao" from Ecuador

Private Label Chocolate

Where is our Private Label Chocolate being sold?

Innovative Flavors

Different Chocolate Presentations

Bites, Bars, Squares, Discs & Chips

• From 50% to 92% of Dark Chocolate • Milk Chocolate • 2 sugar options: organic coconut sugar or organic raw cane sugar • Options available to include organic sunflower lecithin • Standard product spec size is 0-10mm pieces (we can customise sizing to client requirements)

Product Customization

Bars, Boxes, Doypack, etc

Any customization available, We can develop unique recipes and customize packaging designs according to your needs.
(Presentation, flavors, ingredients, etc.).

Innovative Flavors

Bring the best chocolate to the whole world

High quality, safe and vegan friendly, our inspired range is the choice of dietary health businesses around the world. And the purity and provenance of our products are key selling points for many of our customers’ customers.

Our Certifications

ensure the quality and safety of your product

Active components • imported and verified by independent laboratories • Large production capability • All new state of the art equipment • Complete Laboratory for analysis and product development • FDA registered plant • Strict standards of quality assurance (We carefully choose the correct cacao bean that enhances the flavor of each recipe) • Sales Offices in Toronto and New Jersey • We speak English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

About Us

Two brothers, Alejandro and Galo, and their old friend Oscar, after living in Canada and Europe, met in Ecuador and decided to found AOG Foods because of their passion for chocolate and love for their country.

AOG Foods chocolate reflects the extraordinary and exotic soul of Ecuador. This small, megadiverse country in South America has some of the best cacao varieties in the world, such as the “Arriba” or the country’s national “Fine Aroma Cacao”, which has been used for many years for the best gourmet chocolate companies in the world.